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Continental and Nvidia to develop self-driving systems

The German Tier 1, Continental, have formed a team with Nvidia, to develop a self-driving system based on the US chipmakers AI platform.

The Silicon Valley based Tech Company, known for their graphics cards, stated last month, 320 companies in developing self-driving cars use Nvidia drive.

Automakers and suppliers have been combining skillsets and teaming up to share the huge costs that are faced when developing self-driving, and it’s expected these car should start to hit the market place over the next few years. However experts suggest the transition to fully autonomous roads could take decades.

At CES last month, partnerships were also announced between Nvidia and Uber, along with Nvidia and Volkswagen Group.

Nvidia also work with Tesla and Baidu. Baidu also work with Continental in the development of full autonomous driving systems.

Led by BMW, that alliance also brings together Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Intel and Intel’s vision systems subsidiary Mobileye, with Continental handling integration of components and software. U.S. auto supplier Aptiv is also part of the alliance.