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pace without compromise

Identifying the very best Senior Leadership and high value R&D contributors

Regardless of seniority of the role in question, we aim to deliver a fully benchmarked and robust shortlist within 30 working days of commencing the search assignment

We can currently boast that 85% of our campaigns actually achieve acceptance and offer stage within this same timescale. In doing so we do not compromise on any aspect of our high level approach. Simply put, our job is to deliver.

When undertaking any assignment, we understand this means making what ever effort is necessary on a global basis, regardless of the travel, time and effort required. Please see “typical” examples of the role types that we recruit below.


Executive & Director level

Operational Strategy

Plant Management




R & D

Contributor & Director level

Powertrain & BMS Development

Software / Systems & Safety

Product Design, Test & Development

Program & Applications Management


Executive & Director level

Key Account Director / Management

Finance / IT Infrastructure

Sales & Marketing

HR & Training

Supply Chain

Executive & Director level

PC & L

Supplier Development


Planning & Purchasing

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